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Builder or architect ... Who to approach first?

When living in Sydney and planning to renovate or build, it is beneficial to seek the expertise of both a builder and an architect. Who should you approach first though? Before reaching out to either, it is important to prioritise your goals and bring forward a clear indication of what you are trying to achieve.

Individually, both builders and architects bring their own skills, knowledge and perspectives to a project. Architects are invaluable in the design phase of a new home or renovation. They use their eye for detail and finesse to plan the home of your dreams.

A custom builder will physically transform your dreams into a reality. A builder brings expertise and resourceful construction methods to work within the budget on your specific site. Renovating or building can be quite challenging and it is important to find a builder that you can trust, one whom has passion for what they do. From the initial site inspection to completion, the builder works closely with you and helps to overcome any complexities throughout the building process.

The involvement of the builder during the architect's planning stage can help to prevent future problems due to the site, or connecting to the existing home. Though an experienced builder will be able to provide optimum advice to overcome problems at any stage of your project.

If you would like to discuss your hopes and plans for your home, please contact Scott directly on 0418 476 482 or email the office at so we can arrange an obligation free meeting for you.

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