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If you are seeking inspiration for your new home or renovation we have sourced what designers and industry experts predict for 2017! Here are some of the hottest interior trends for the contemporary Australian home.


Marble speaks luxury and has been a favourite in home design for many years purely because it adds a sophisticated finish to any space. World of Style by Porter Davis suggests "Marble is here to stay... These European-sourced stones exemplify the beautiful elements of nature in an indoor setting". The durability and stunning look of the stones is well worth the investment to a new home or renovation.


Tile styles are constantly evolving, designers are drawn to using large tiles as they make a space feel bigger and more luxurious. There are less grout lines, less visual interruption and give any space a high end look. The year 2017 will see the trend of stylish new tile shapes making their way into central areas of the home, including kitchens, bathrooms, and entrance ways.


Green ideally represents refreshment and revitalisation and 2017 is the year for it. Shades of green can immediately brighten a neutral room. The colour is appearing on walls, furniture and lounge chairs. Can't commit to a large statement piece? Try incorporating dark green accessories like velvet cushions, photo frames or large potted plants to your home to add a burst of colour.


The magnificent matte black finish is a sleek and ongoing trend for 2017 and is a stylish departure from traditional chrome finishes. Features of the home that incorporate the finish include shower screen frames, sliding wardrobe frames, tap ware, door handles and focal areas such as kitchens, master bedrooms and powder rooms.

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