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Achieving Energy Efficiencies

Energy efficient homes or "Green Homes" are architecturally designed projects that aim to utilise the natural environment, minimise environmental impact, maximise year-round comfort and reduce running costs.

To create an energy efficient home it is important to incorporate sustainable features to work with your climate and lifestyle. A home must be planned or adapted so that the occupants can remain thermally comfortable with minimal auxiliary heating or cooling. This is achieved through harnessing the available natural elements.

The most economical time to achieve this efficiency is when initially designing. However, modifications to an existing home can also offer a cost effective opportunity to improve thermal comfort — even small upgrades can deliver significant improvements and lock in thermal comfort. Alterations can result in lower heating and cooling bills, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions for the life span of your home.

"Australia's Guide to Environmentally Sustainable Homes" explores specific ways you can reduce the environmental impact of your new build or renovation through:

Visit for more information on how to incorporate these strategies to create a vibrant living space that is better for your health and the environment.

A resourceful, refurbished Sydney terrace house. Reclaimed bricks to work with the environment not against it. Rustic timber shelf and natural light tumbles in from the skylight. By Paddington based design firm Alexander & CO.

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