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New technology in home automation

Home automation is taking contemporary homes by storm - improving comfort, convenience and security. Domestic activities can be regulated with the touch of a button from any remote location, making everyday activities fun and functional.

Aside from the luxury and pure wow-factor, this technology also increases the energy efficiency in your home. With so many exciting features to choose from, you can decide on systems that suit your lifestyle and work schedule. Don't feel you have to reconfigure your entire home right away, rather focus on one category at a time and select appliances you use frequently.


+ Heating and cooling

Zoned areas of the home can be heated or cooled, and operational times can be controlled based on thermal conditions. Energy can be saved by levelling out the highs and lows of temperature changes, and complete comfort can be achieved by using automative technology.

+ Security & Access systems

Feel safe and protected with the ability to control and monitor the security of your home remotely, from your selected smart phone or wifi device. You can be notified if a disturbance is recognised at your home when you're not there, and you are able to have discreet cameras installed, to see what's happening in your home, when you're not there.

+ Lighting control

Automating your lights can reduce your energy consumption and also save you money. Program your lights to come on and off based on the time of day, room occupancy and natural light available. Create the illusion of an occupied home when your are out for the night or away on holidays, complete with having them turn off at bed time.

+ Entertainment

With the rise in larger televisions, better sound systems, and clearer imagery, entertainment at home is as great as at the cinema! Sound modes, music and lighting can become part of your morning routine or adjusted to set the mood when entertaining guests!

There are so many applications when it comes to home automation be sure to visit these sites for some of the best in Sydney smart home devices:

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